Week 24 – Last week of course and beginning of a new journey

The course came to the end officially, unofficially it only really begins.

I love how the trainers structured it so that I can go on on my own with the skills and the knowledge and be independent.

I love how I changed, started discovering my true self and my meaning on this planet.

“I am wondering where are you going?” asks one of my favorite heroes Kvothe (Patrick Rothfuss “The Name of the Wind”)

Our teachers and guides asked us that in the beginning of the course and I know where I am going.

This course was amazing, it transformed me.

Nothing but a gratitude…

Week 23 – Stretching the zone

Continue discovering and explaining Master Key experience with NLP, there is a significant difference between the way of thinking of successful and unsuccesful people.

NLP research indicated that too.

Unsuccessful people think in narrow, dark, black-and-white terms, whereas successful and rich people – perspectives, big pictures, all colors, movements.

You know what? I am observing myself. Through sits and Master Key experience, I am thinking more and more in perspectives, big pictures and movements.

Week 22 – Floating above the fear

I just love the combination of the MKMMA course, Haneel, Mandino and NLP. So many similarities and at the same time to me the experience of both is completeness.

Fear is an emotion. What triggers fear, are some factors that endanger something important to us to us and we cannot influence those factors. When people feel fear, they are “inside” of the experience, they feel they are helpless, but something important to them is going to disappear. So we have fear.

NLP has a very simple “technique”, and it transforms to stepping into the position of…. AN OBSERVER.

See how excited I am, that all makes sense.

The answer to fear is not overcoming it, is not fighting it, it is observing yourself and adding the resources there. Because when you are an observer, you already are in a different position then helpless, you CAN influence things. WHen one element of fear changes, the fear itself disappears.

How wonderful!

Week 20 – New Compass

This week was a week of relflection for me, and lots of learnings. I needed to stay still and observe – and in order to observe others I have to observe myself first.

As I wrote in my previous post, I came back to NLP. Thanks to that I discovered a lot of things about me.

ANother note is on keeping promises.

When I did not do what I planned to, I had nightmares.

When I did, I had such fantastic dreams that I did not want to wake up.

Talking about a powerful compass!

NLP in combination with MKMMA is the most powerful thing I have ever experienced.

Week 19 – Hero’s Home

Looking at others in search for approval, in search for resources and in search for taking decisions is now gone.

I now feel I am in charge.

I feel I arrived home.

I am the master of my soul, the captain of my destiny.

The outside world, events, and circumstances are a result.

I now not only read this in the book, I KNOW it in me.

How do I know it?

I FEEL it in my stomach as a feeling of being centered.

I SEE it – bright, clear and colourful.

And I HEAR it – as laughter, as echo, as various intonations.

A true hero has tools to come back “home” when they meet a goblin on their way to a better life. In Aikido it is called being “centered”, finding your own center.

I found my “home”, my center. I have it now in me. When There is goblin on the way, go to your center guys, and act from within it. This a true hero’s journey.

Week 18 – Hero’s Journey and NLP

I am a Master Practitioner in NLP, certified twice.

I started studying NLP ca. 10 years ago with the intention to develop my internal world and become more successful in career, personal life and be OK with myself. NLP changed my life. Thanks to it, I am now where I am – travelling the world, living international life – exactly where I pictured myself to be 10 years ago.

However, because I moved a couple of times to a couple of different countries, I was so distracted and fascinated by the events of my life that I kind of forgot NLP and let my passion for NLP become dormant. Now, thanks to MasterKey system, I realized this was the missing point.

I am back now to NLP – my passion, my helper and an easy and efficient instrument of personal change.

SO here I am, the hero on the mission, with a hundred more transformational tools and weapons.

And the most faascinating thing – there is a field in NLP that takes hero’s journey and the structures of collective unconscious in order to describe hero’s journey and help people go through hero’s journey using special neurological patterns in order to change.

Because as we all know hero’s journey is the journey of transformation.

Week 17 – Concentration on courage

Following my direction of fairy tales, I was concentrating on one of the crucial qualities of a hero.


Amazing how did I not see it before. The essence of courage is simply concentration on your goal, seeingin front of your eyes when you go and scream and notce nothing else but your goal.

It is a protective wall around you, the wall of being sure it wors out.

Also, fear is when everything depends on things and people outside of you. And YOU depend on them.

And courage is no matter what happens around, YOU have YOU. So it depends on YOU. YOu will not allow the events to happen otherwise.

What a great week!

Week 16 – Kindness and Attraction

This week is amazing, the KIND WEEK. I realized to be kind with others you have to be kind with yourself. When I am kind with myself, I can share the kindness os much more.

I am really involved in one of the most amazing and kindest network marketing companies in the world. The European director asked me and my husband what our dream was, and we said to live in New York. So this week our network marketing company announced that one of the next promotions will be a trip to Manhattan.

So kind!

ANother thing is my husband spoiled me, and nutrtured me and loved me. He is one of the kindest people I know in this world. And this week it was amazing.

So I continue giving with no expectation becaue it feels amazing and I love it.